Why Deprivation Leads to Overeating

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Today I want to talk deprivation (depriving yourself of foods you love).

It’s almost summer, and there’s that pressure to start your next restrictive diet so that in 2 months you can “look amazing.”

–Now, don’t get me wrong, I am NOT judging you if that’s your thing. Go for it. In fact, almost all of my college career consisted of trying the next diet craze only to find myself bingeing on every sugary item I could find after the first 2 weeks or so. The weight I lost always came back on, and the cycle honestly continued itself.–

Anyone else dealin with something similar? You aren’t alone, know that!

What I didn’t realize at the time was what I really needed….

  • I really needed to learn how to quiet the diet mindset, stop the deprivation, find balance with food, and how to eat “normally” or “intuitively” by listening to my natural hunger cues and signals.
  • I needed someone to tell me that it’s okay not to count anything, and you actually tend to  LOSE weight once you STOP stressing over dieting & start listening to your body.

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So, I’m here to tell you my opinion (my opinion is research based, based on client success, and my own personal experiences):

  • It’s okay to eat and exercise in a way that’s maintainable for you in the long run. That might mean that “quick weight loss” is put on the back burner and it might just be slow and steady instead.
  • Deprivation LEADS to bingeing (or greatly increases your chances of bingeing)
    • When we deprive ourselves of the foods we love, we put those foods on a pedestal, giving them more POWER over us. We might fixate on what we can’t have until we “give in” and break all of our rules. 

“But, I’ll never lose weight if I don’t have clear rules for myself!” Is what I often hear from clients.

  • REMINDER: Our bodies DON’T want us to be uncomfortable, overweight, and stressed.
  • If you START TO LISTEN to your body, it becomes your natural “weight loss/maintenance” tool.
  • Your body tells you what you need when you need it, what you’re craving, how much you need, when you’re satisfied and so on.

So, I have a few Action Steps for you to try today:

  1. Visualize where you want to be with your relationship with foodone year from now. Stressed? Obsessive? Worried? Anxious? OR Content? Peaceful? Light? Energized? Balanced?
  2. Please take a moment to check out my Finding Balance Program(click here) and see if it’s right for you. If you find my insight valuable, but know you need some accountability and strategic guidance on how to actually FIND YOUR BALANCE, then it could be exactly the gift you need to give yourself right now!

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