What Motivates You To Find Balance With Food?

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Hey! How are you today? I sent this out as an email a while ago, and got some great feedback so I thought I’d share it here as well!

Today, I’m asking you to get out something to write with and get comfy for this quick activity! I promise you’ll feel refreshed if you do it!

If you’ve been a part of the Eat Work Play Balanced community for some time, you probably have taken time to write out and visualize your ideal relationship with/to food. You’re pretty clear on where you’re going and what you’re working towards….

But there’s another component we haven’t discussed that’s SUPER important!


  • Why are you working on eating intuitively by listening to your body (or whatever your ideal goal with food is)??
  • What are the REASONS that are motivating you to work on this?
  • What’s so powerful to you that you’ll stick with it even when it gets tough or you feel like going back to a strict diet?

Here’s your activity (should take less than 10 minutes, so do it!!!!):

  1. Get out pen/paper.


2. Re-write (assuming you have written this before) your ideal relationship with food. Some prompts to get you going:

  • What types of foods do you eat?
  • How do you feel when you’re done eating?
  • Do you eat in a mindful way free of distractions?
  • Is your mind at ease when it comes to food?
  • Can you go to parties without stressing about the food?
  • Do you eat when you’re hungry and stop when satisfied?
  • Do you enjoy foods you love in moderation?
  • Are you healthy & fit?

3. List 20 reasons WHY you are working on what you wrote for number 2 above.
Example- Let’s say you’re working on eating all foods you love in moderation free of bingeing while quieting the food noise in your head. Your WHY’s might be: 

  • Being present with my kids
  • Being able to go on adventures with my significant other
  • Having room in my mind to be creative
  • So I can deal with my emotions in a positive way
  • To be a more productive employee
  • Being able to be SPONTANEOUS
  • So I can have MORE FUN
  • So my body isn’t in survival mode
  • So I feel confident & glowing in my skin
  • So I set a good example for my kids
  • And I’m sure there are LOTS more!

4. Then narrow down your top 3 motivators and circle them! These are the things that are going to PUSH you forward, and help you stay determined when you feel like quitting or going back on a diet. REMIND yourself of these 3 things often (maybe put them up somewhere you’ll look at frequently). This will help you “stay the course” on your journey to finding balance with food.

5. Take a deep breath. Acknowledge yourself for following through with this activity and gaining clarity on your motivators.

Let me know by commenting below; did you complete this? What are your top 3 motivators? 

My top 3

Mine are always:
  • Being engaged & present with my boyfriend, friends, and family
  • Space in my mind for important, valuable, creative thoughts
  • Feeling confident & healthy in my body

Have a great day & as always, I hope this was SUPER beneficial for YOU!


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