The Secret to Losing Weight Without a Diet

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Have you ever wondered… “How can I possibly lose weight if I STOP dieting (or counting, restricting, weighing food, etc)?”

I did when I first started this process! In fact, I think that one thought held me back from “finding balance with food” for a long time!

This is how it works:

  • The second (oookay maybe it takes a little longer to feel the effects) you go off of a restricting diet, the stress IS. GONE.
  • When stress is decreased, ability to get your body to it’s natural, light, healthy weight is WAY EASIER (simple way to put it – the more unnecessary stress we put on ourselves, the more weight our body’s hold onto as a survival mechanism).
  • OUR BODIES DO NOT WANT US TO BE OBESE. They do not want us to be uncomfortable, or in pain due to excess weight. They just don’t.
    • Buuut  in order to get to that point of your *happy, natural, light, fit weight* you need to listen to your body.
  • Once you start listening to your body (your cravings, hunger cues and signals, exercise and so on) your body RESPONDS in a REALLY POSITIVE way.


Questions frequently asked regarding all of the above:

1. Is it okay to be scared of moving away from a diet?
Yes, Diets trap us into thinking we can only have the body we want if we’re ON a diet (the diet industry is REALLY good at advertising that).

2. Could you gain a little bit of weight as you transition off a diet & start learning to your body?
Yes or no (everybody’s different), BUT, I promise that overtime your body WILL even itself again. Because again, our body’s want us to FEEL GOOD and FUNCTION EFFECTIVELY! But they can’t do that if we’re stressing them out over what we should/shouldn’t eat, restricting then bingeing, or just all out bashing ourselves.

3. How do you know if you’re eating enough or too much?
At first, you won’t really know. You’ll be learning, experimenting, discovering, and truly figuring out what works for you. As you are being kind to your body during this period you’ll start to realize which foods fuel you up for a long day and which foods leave you feeling shakey and bloated. Overtime, with practice, you will be able to eat all things you love in moderation, while mainly WANTING to eat things that make you feel good.

These tips and ideas are all fine & dandy, but if you do not know HOW to strategically start to listen to your hunger cues (because it IS a skill you have to re-learn, just like riding a bike!!!)

Stay tuned for other posts that will teach you how to listen to your hunger cues!

And as always, feel free to email me and we can set up a free chat! 🙂


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