Structure without Dieting

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Hi again! Thanks for being here – I appreciate it.

I always start off with my quick disclaimer/reminder: I am not a doctor and in no way am trying to replace one with my thoughts or suggestions. By reading and considering my advice please know that I only share what I think is best through my past experiences, research, data collection, client experiences, and health coaching certification. At this time, I work with women who want more peace when it comes to food (instead of yo-yo dieting). I do not work with women with eating disorders and recommend seeking a doctor or therapist.

Today I have a quick video on a topic that comes up a LOT. It’s all about how to add some structure/routine into your life without it revolving around dieting. It’s okay to crave systems, organization, structure, and routine! It makes sense! It helps us feel secure, predictable, and in charge.

In this video you’ll hear how I enjoy structure in my life without it taking OVER my life or leading to food obsession:

What’d you think of this? What structure do you currently have in your life? Please share over in our free, private Facebook group(click here to get access)!

Have an awesome day!

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Abby is a certified health coach who knows how difficult it can be to get out of the diet cycle and mindset. On the Eat Work Play Balanced blog you'll find tips, strategies, and info that can help you transform your relationship with food to find balance! *Disclaimer-I am not a doctor, and do not treat or diagnose women with eating disorders.

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