Should You Listen to All Your Cravings?

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When I was hardcore dieting I thought I “wasn’t allowed” to be craving certain foods, and totally thought something was wrong with me when I “Gave in” and had something I was craving if it didn’t fit into my current diet plan.

THEN, when I started working on making peace with food I got so confused about my cravings… Did I have to eat everything I was craving in that moment? Was it “bad” that I was craving a lot of the junk I previously didn’t allow myself to have? Was something wrong with me?

Now, I generally know what foods I crave. I have them on hand at home most of the time. If I can’t get a hold of something I’m reeally craving I make it a point to tell myself that the next time I’m hungry and have a chance to go get some I will.

Cravings are a normal thing, and with this post I am not trying to get us to overanalyze anything – I’m simply trying to get us to think a little about our cravings.

Here are some questions that can help you understand your daily, weekly, or frequent cravings: 

  1. Why did the craving occur? 

-Did you smell something?

-Did you hear someone talking about it?

-See a picture of it?

-See it on a commercial or in a show?

–> Basically, was your craving and INTERNAL, intuitive prompt? Or was it external? That can help you decipher whether or not it’s a true craving.

  1. Is it at a certain time of day, every (or most) days?

-Is there are 4pm cookie you’re always reaching for?

-9pm sweet tooth?

-Carbs first thing in the morning?

-Friday nights always wanting pizza?

–> There’s nothing wrong with any of these things above, but if you’re finding a craving at the exact same time for the same type of food everyday it COULD potentially be a habit. Especially if it ends up not being super satisfying.

For example, you eat lunch at your desk at work everyday. About 30 minutes after lunch you’re always searching for something sweet. This COULD be because it’s become a habit out of boredom, or not letting yourself eat lunch without distractions. It could be a true craving! You’ve just got to do some digging with this.

  1. Will you feel deprived if you don’t have the thing you’re craving? 

Let’s say you’re out to eat with friends, and you weren’t really craving fries before you got there, but they look SO good in the moment. Is this a true craving? Maybe. Maybe not. Does it matter? Yes and no.

If you feel like you are restricting or depriving yourself by not having some of those fries (even though you weren’t really craving them) then HAVE some! If you don’t allow yourself to in that moment it could lead to a binge later on.

  1. Do you always have to honor your cravings? 

No, you definitely don’t! It’s finding that compromise between honoring your cravings by generally buying and making foods you enjoy and make you feel great. This takes time, and patience of course! (Reach out to me by sending me a quick email if you’d like to set up a free consultation so we can dig deeper with this!

Did this post help you understand your cravings a little bit more? Let me know by commenting below or heading to our free, private Facebook group & chatting about it there!

Have a great day!

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and in no way am trying to replace one with my thoughts or suggestions. By reading and considering my advice please know that I only share what I think is best through my past experiences, research, data collection, client experiences, and health coaching certification. At this time, I work with women who want more peace when it comes to food (instead of yo-yo dieting). I do not work with women with eating disorders and recommend seeking a doctor or therapist.

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