Road Map to Balance with Food Part 2!

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Hi there! Thanks for being here. If you didn’t catch Road Map to Balance with Food Part 1 then click here for it! You’ll definitely want to read that first before diving into this. 

Alright, let’s move right into Part 2:


6. Hunger:

You start learning and listening to your hunger cues and cravings. You realize it’s not about will power, but it’s more about honoring your body’s natural signals which had been pushed down far away throughout the dieting process.You are experimenting with feeling your hunger, satisfaction cues, and feelings of fullness.

This is where you get familiar with how much food leaves you feeling light and energetic, and you start to realize your body’s patterns. Here you may have one or two meals listening to your body, then the next day feel like you aren’t listening to it at all.

7. Habits:

At this point, you’re learning more about your body. You’re starting to realize what negative habits you have with food that have formed throughout your years of dieting.

Do you overeat at night?

Do you like to eat in front of the TV to relax?

Do you grab food right when you walk in the door from work without even knowing if you’re hungry?

Do you eat in the car?

You can start to understand your habits with food and start REPLACING them with things that make you feel good… because remember, it’s NOT always about food. You’re probably needing something else in your life, and using food to get it.

8. Back to old habits:

Yup, there’s a point where you will be falling back into old habits and thinking you’ll “never get this intuitive eating thing,” but stick with it. Trust this process, keep working through this.

Your diet mindset, background, thoughts, feelings, and society’s influences surrounding being perfect are hard to ignore and simply quit. It’s okay, you will get there.

9. Cravings:

Throughout this whole process you’ll learn what foods actually are your favorite. You’ll start to reach for foods that YOU truly crave.

How do you know what you actually like? Start experimenting. Brainstorm a list of foods you think you love. Try them out slowly, savor them. Do they taste as good as you thought?

This is where “eating in moderation” comes into play. If you realize you love Twizzlers, then make sure to have Twizzlers available around your house. Have some when you’re hungry for them and craving them. When you honor your cravings, your body will signal to you when it’s had enough… so you can enjoy these foods with a positive experience (instead of sneakily bingeing on them, or never allowing yourself to overeat them and instead being scared of them).

10. Self-care & love:

Here you start to realize the importance of putting YOU first. You may even start to crave “me time.”

You start to take 5 minutes to tell yourself you’re beautiful and amazing. Or maybe you pick up a book you’ve been meaning to read, or make it a point to schedule a girl’s night. Whatever it is… it doesn’t matter.

Here you’re realizing life doesn’t have to be about food. You want to give yourself pleasure in other ways. You want to feel fulfilled in all areas as best you can. So you start adding in positive things that make you feel great. If you feel great, you’re less likely to turn to food for entertainment or pleasure.

(Throughout all of this, yes, you may still be feeling some fear because as you are working on making all foods equal, and adding in fear foods you may be overeating and you start to find yourself thinking you need to go on a diet which will lead you back to the bingeing.)

Does this sound familiar at all? Trust this process. It’s worth it!! Reach out to me by commenting below or sending an email to me at I LOVE to hear from you & help in anyway I can!!



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