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Today I thought I’d share what life was like during my diet days, and what it’s like currently (keep in mind, no day is perfect). The reason I’m doing this is not to brag, it is to show what’s available to you if you put in the work to make peace with food.

None of what I’m about to share happened BEFORE dieting. My chaotic eating habits started after I got into the diet cycle (as it happens for many of us). This is not to make myself feel bad or to look back with regret (I learned and found my passion from this journey). This list is to reflect.. it’s to show what diet traps can do to us and how we can improve our quality of life without dieting.

Diet days:

  • Constant stress around food from the moment I woke up until the moment I’d go to bed
  • Food rules that were strict and not maintainable/realistic (such as only veggies past5pm, 2 work outs per day and only 1200 calories)
  • Picking at my stomach in the mirror daily
  • Beating myself up whenever trying on clothes at a store
  • Worries about going out to eat with friends
  • Sneaking food into my room
  • Bingeing for 3 days straight followed by cruel comments to myself
  • Wishing for more self-control/willpower
  • Constant talk around friends about dieting, weight, how I can’t eat anything
  • Feeling so uncomfortable in my skin after a day of bingeing
  • Crying over just wanting to “eat normally while staying fit”
  • Wondering what was wrong with me
  • Basically prompting people to affirm how much weight I’d lost/how “good I looked”
  • Beating myself up for what I ate by over-exercising
  • Working out and under-eating to the point of hospitalization
  • Constant fatigue/hunger
  • No body awareness regarding hunger
  • Not present with people because of the food thoughts taking over
  • Insecure around guys – even boyfriends at the time
  • Constantly doing what I thought I “should do” instead of asking how I will feel or what sounds good to me
  • Planning what I was going to eat based on what I had eaten previously
  • All foods were labeled good or bad
  • All or nothing voice that lead me to all out binge or completely restrict

This took place during my college years. Years that should have been FUN (not that I didn’t have any, because I did), silly, and free of unnecessary stress.

Post-diet days, eating intuitively: 

  • Space in my mind for creativity
  • Ability to be present with loved ones
  • Sense of calm around food
  • Able to stop when satisfied
  • Intentionally able to CHOOSE if I want to eat a little bit past feeling full
  • Knowing how bingeing makes me feel, and that being powerful enough for me to NOT do it
  • Ability to eat foods in moderation (after practice and realizing that the reason we overeat is because we deprive ourselves to the point of ‘giving in’)
  • Fully ENJOYING foods
  • Most of the time eating what I crave
  • Realizing that eating intuitively means I honor nutritional value (without stress)
  • Found my perfect/most natural weight where I feel confident and hover around
  • Found my love for exercise and honoring my health by moving in ways that feel good to me
  • ENJOY time with loved ones — going out to eat is no longer a worry!
  • Understanding what foods make me feel good, and how to eat to feel energized (while eating for my soul too!)
  • Ability to love and nourish my body in a way that I was never able to before…. I now ask myself “How will I feel if I do ____?” or “How do I want to feel ____ ?” and make a lot of decisions based off that!
  • Rest when I need it!
  • Able to follow my passion and do what I love because I know I am worth it
  • Happiest I’ve ever been
  • Confident around my fiance (when I made peace with food, I found my fiance.. it’s like the universe knew I loved myself again so I was ready to find love!)
  • No more labels – it’s all just food

Again, I am not perfect and no day is perfect. The bullet points above happen naturally for me 80-90% of the time. I put in a year of work to make this happen and now know the importance of helping other women get to their ideal relationship to food.


P.S. Reach out to me for a free consultation ( if you’re wanting some tips & advice! I’ve been there. I’m here for ya!



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