Not Too Much at Once

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Hi there!

When I realized I needed to find peace with food after years of obsessively dieting (then overeating) I wanted all the change to happen at once.

I even got mad at myself sometimes if I “slipped up.”

So today I wanted to address the importance of not doing too much at once.

Trying to change everything all at once only leads to disappoint, stress, frustration, and feelings of failure that usually leads us right back to our old ways. 

When we try to do it all at once (listen to our bodies, stop bingeing, eat all foods in moderation, eat healthy foods, listen to our cravings, be kind to ourselves, stop the diet mindset, maintain a fit body) it’s impossible to let ANY single part of “finding balance with food” actually become natural for you. 

The part that’s difficult is realizing that you have to SLOW DOWN, be methodical, and ​take baby steps until new habits become natural BEFORE you can move on to the next step. Getting to a place where you eat intuitively and no longer stress about food could take a couple months. But wouldn’t you rather devote a couple months completely to finding balance with food so that the REST of your life can be FREE?

Um, heck yes!

Take a moment and go through this exercise with me:

  1. Picture your ideal relationship with food (if you’re in SLS or working with me in other ways, you do this all the time already)!
  2. Ask yourself;“How can I break that down into baby steps?”
  3. Which step should I start with? 
  4. How can I break that step down even further?
  5. Work on that step for at LEAST a week(put it in your planner/on your to-do list so you don’t forget to focus on it)!
  6. Once this step becomes natural for you (meaning you do it without hesitation), move on to the next step and repeat the process!

Here’s a real example broken down:

  1. Ideal relationship with food:“I eat all foods I love moderation and when I’m hungry (most of the time). I am healthy, fit, and confident. I am free of food worries and anxieties and enjoy the present moment. I listen to and honor my body to the best of my ability.”
  1. Baby steps: 
    • Quiet diet mindset
    • Listen to my hunger cues
    • Stop depriving myself (allow all foods)
    • Learn how to eat until satisfied
    • Ask myself if I’m hungry
    • Check in with myself to see what I really need if I’m not hungry
    • Add in more fun/exciting hobbies and adventures
    • Eat without distractions
    • Get more sleep
    • Drink water
    • Have fun with food
  2. Which step to start with: 
    • Allow all foods
  3. Break baby step down further:
    • This week I will add in TWO foods I don’t normally allow myself. I will have Pop-tarts orp​izza if I’m craving them (even though it’s scary)!
  4. Put in planner reminders to get Pop-tarts or pizza when craving it.
  5. Work on adding in foods I don’t normally allow until it becomes natural!

Adding in TOO many things at once can hinder your progress. Just take your time. Relax. It will work out with baby steps + consistency!

So, are you going to try these steps? You’ll have to let me know by commenting below!!

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Have a great day,

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