Let’s Do a Book Club!

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Hi there!! Hope your week has been fantastic so far!

I wanted to invite you to join something fun our Free, Private Facebook group decided on (join the group by clicking here):

A free book club starting March 26 and going through April 30! We are doing the book The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte (I’ve linked that book and my other favorites linked up on this page). 

Here are the details:
1. Don’t stress if you’re feeling like you can’t fully commit — this is going to be totally informal.

2. Start date: Sunday, March 26.

3. End Date: Sunday, April 30.

4. When & where to discuss: We will be sharing our thoughts, commenting, and sharing our core desired feelings in the free Facebook group on Sunday mornings (I figured it’s the perfect time – right after you’ve read my weekly Sunday emails)! I will prompt with thoughts and questions, but invite anyone to share anything about the book!

5. Invite friends! It’s more fun when you’ve got people you know personally are part of this as well! Forward this email along to your bestie.

6. Pacing: The book is broken down into 4 chunks/sections. Each Sunday will focus on the new chunk, BUT of course you can read ahead or get behind. It’s all good.

Here’s a printable of all the book club info if you want to print it and stick it in your copy! 

I want to know – are you in? Reply back to me with a yes & let me know if you’re telling any others to join!

*Just so ya know, when you buy the book from my site I receive a couple of cents from Amazon, thanks for supporting this book club by doing so! 🙂

Have a great day you guys! Can’t wait for this to start!

P.S. Want more, specific guidance in your relationship to food right now? Email me and we can schedule a free chat! eatworkplaybalanced@gmail.com

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