Keys to Balance with Food

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Hi there! As always, thanks for being here. I hope these posts are helpful to you in your journey with food. 🙂

When it comes to making peace with food (whether you’re just starting, or in the process), there’s a “phase” where you have to get to know yourself better in order to move forward. Here are some areas you may have to gain a better understanding of:

  • Emotional eating– do you eat to cope with certain feelings or situations?
  • Binge eating – do you have a cycle of bingeing on food to the point of discomfort and guilt?
  • Hunger– are you able to listen to your body’s hunger cues and signals?
  • Cravings– do you know what you crave?
  • Food guilt– do you feel guilty when you eat certain things?
  • Diet mindset– do you have unrealistic diet rules?
  • Food language– how do you talk about food.. is it bad or good/off limits/dirty or clean?
  • Moderation– can you enjoy foods you love in moderation (example: a piece of cake at a friend’s birthday without feeling the urge to binge)?
  • Body image– how do you talk to your body? How do you dress your body?
  • Self-love– do you take care of yourself, get quality sleep, make yourself a priority, add fun into your life, pamper yourself, and genuinely know what helps to keep you feeling happy and joyful (most of the time)?
  • Overeating– do you find yourself overeating often?
  • Self-talk– are you able to pump yourself up, encourage yourself, be kind and forgiving, use a positive mantra, or lift yourself up when you’re down?
  • Deprivation/restriction– can you see yourself maintaining the diet you’re currently on 3 years from now?
  • Presence– are you able to be present and engaged with friends and family?
  • Unexpected events– does traveling, or a spontaneous event stress you out due to the food?
  • BELIEF– do you believe that you can get to a place of peace with food? (even if you don’t believe that quite yet, it’s okay)
  • Other habits– what habits with food (mindset, perspectives, exercise, nutrition, etc.) do you have that aren’t serving you well?
  • Lots of other areas!

I don’t ask these questions to scare you, or to make you feel overwhelmed. I promise. I’m asking these to help you check in with yourself. Then, the learning and experimenting can come into place (when I was struggling with food I had to gain an understanding of my current relationship with food and then PICKED OUT one area to work on FIRST to decrease overwhelm). 

Let’s pick out one area today to start learning about. My question for you is:

Do you know when you’re satisfied? When you’ve had enough food to feel content, peaceful, light, happy, good, okay? 

  • A lot of the women I work with say they will eat everything on their plate no matter what.
  • Or, at a restaurant they’ll eat the appetizers then finish their meal even though they were stuffed when it got there. 

So, we’ve got to learn how to find the feeling of satisfaction. That’s how you maintain a fit body without dieting – stopping when satisfied most of the time (we’re human and when we overeat once in a while our bodies even themselves out).

PRACTICE. Here are some ways to practice this:

  • Take a small portion of food to start (half a sandwich instead of a whole) knowing you can have more if you’re hungry after.
  • Get rid of distractions while eating (to the best of your ability) so you can HEAR your body telling you it’s “good.”
  • BREATHE in between bites.
  • POSTURE – sit up tall, relax your shoulders.
  • PUT YOUR FORK DOWN in between bites (allow yourself to chew and swallow before grabbing your next bite so you can focus on the bite you have).
  • Try to eat what you’re craving… if your eating things because you “have to” all the time, then it will be much harder to find the feeling of satisfaction.
  • If with friends or family, engage in the conversation… setting your fork down, looking up, breathing, asking questions, etc.
  • MOMS:(I am not a parent, so this is just from experiences with clients who have children) – if you find yourself scattered and chaotic while your children are eating dinner, sit down with them while they eat and then give yourself a chance to eat at a time where it is less distracting (it will be way easier to hear your body’s signals then). A mom I worked with said that she would eat dinner after the kids went to bed (otherwise she’d eat dinner by picking off her kid’s plates, then overeat when they went to bed – so it made more sense for her to just dedicate her meal time to when they were in bed, but sit with them at the table while they were eating dinner).

Do you have to try all of these things at once? NOPE! I would encourage you to pick ONE and try it out for a week or two.
Are these a new set of rules you have to follow? NOPE! You can totally go with the flow on this. Simply by reading this email you’re aware of these things… that alone can help you start to recognize your feeling of being satisfied.
With that, have a great day!

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