Kayla’s 7 Tips to Intuitive Eating

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Hey everyone! Today I can’t thank Kayla (someone who has gone through Self-Love Summer) and I’ve been lucky enough to work with and know for some time! 🙂

I won’t say anymore — just read what she has to say. 🙂 Amazing!

Hi everyone, I’m Kayla Douthitt. I’ve been a chronic dieter, binger, calorie counter, restrictive eater, basically my whole early adult life. I was a yo yo dieter, an anorexic junkie, and a binge eatin’ candy bar lovin’ kinda gal, until this year. This was the year (2015) I was sick with dieting,  sick of endless days and nights worried about my next meal, not spending time with family and loved ones, and like you, ready for a change. So what made ready to change? Well, to tell you the truth, I was fed up! I was tired of being scared, so I reached out. I reached out and found Eat Work Play Balanced by accident really. I was Youtube searching, and it was like Abby knew and went through the EXACT same thing I went through. From the time I was 16, till now, I am 26. That’s 10 years of being stuck! I wanted so bad to learn intuitive eating I bought a book on my iPad to learn all I could. I NEEDED TO LEARN! For my sanity, and others around me. For the long haul. I want to be a mom, a friend, a wife, and most importantly a stress free lady, so I can make it too at least 100. Seriously though, Now, I can proudly say, as I am on this journey, I am learning more and more about myself each day. I would like to leave you with some tips to help you succeed because you CAN and WILL succeed at intuitive eating, it just takes time. Hope they help.

1.) Never give up—Sounds easy, right? Well with intuitive eating, there are times I felt like a failure but you just have to KEEP PUSHING! Keep pushing the diet mind away. You’re not crazy. My mind felt cloudy, wishy washy, and everything else, but I knew deep inside this would go away in given time.

2.) Don’t be afraid to let others know—This one was hard (and still kinda is) hard for me because I am not the type of person to hurt someone’s feelings, but YOU HAVE TO respect yourself enough to get out of your shell and make others aware that you are trying to pay attention to your body and what feels good for YOU. You’re the only person that can truly make yourself happy. Respect yourself enough to make the people you are around aware by saying kind words like “I’m trying to learn my body” or “I would appreciate it if you please didn’t talk about diets around me.”

3.) Ask questions—Asking is important. I’ve had to ask my husband so many questions, which leads me to my next point in just a second. I had to ask him about how he knew his fullness, his hunger, his cravings, etc…

4.) Talk it out—If you want to know answers, talk to yourself. Most importantly, talk good to yourself. I’ve put reminders in my phone, (ex: I am worthy of all things, I do not have to binge) I look at my body in the mirror and say positive/nice words of encouragement. Like “man, I look good today.” It’s OK to do that!

5.) Keep track in a journal—I like to write, some do, some don’t. But for me, writing out my “bad times” and “good times” have really helped me succeed and see my wins so I can keep my journey for freedom. It is something you can look back later when you reach the top of your mountain 🙂

6.)Make a homemade buffet–I do it each time I eat. I literally give myself so many options, it’s funny. It may seem weird, scary, unusual (whatever you want to call it) but it has helped me see that I can have options and learn to not over-eat.

7.) Find a hobby– This one I still need some work on, but I suggest finding a passion other than food/dieting and have fun with it. Learn that there is WAY more to life than just food. Try a paint class, a karate class, out music lessons. You’re never too old to learn something new and exciting!

You see, there are going to be hard times and good times. I have had both, but I am not giving up. You have to be in it to win it. Keep your eye on the prize, so to speak. I’ll leave you with this quote, which I have always loved. I send you love and kindness from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for hearing my rant, and I appreciate each and every one of you for wanting to find freedom from the worry of food.

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with rain…” Dolly Parton.

Thank again,

– Kayla

Wasn’t this amazing? Thank you SO much Kayla!! You can connect with her on Instagram at @k_douthitt !! Comment below if this was helpful for you 🙂



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