Joy Effects How You EAT

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Hey there! Thanks for popping in. This post is actually very similar to one of my Sunday morning emails I sent out recently. There was such good feedback that I wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to try this out!

Okay, here’s an exercise that might really help you:

  1. Get out a piece of paper. Look up the definition of joy. Write it down at the top of your paper.


  1. Write down what’s currently not bringing you joy. Make a messy, crazy bulleted list.


  1. Circle the things you have to dothat aren’t necessarily bringing you joy at this moment (this might mean homework, a client, your job). If you write “running” but you hate running, that’s not something you HAVE to do. There are other ways to move your body.


  1. Ask yourself how you could make the things you circled MORE joyful? 
  • Could you light a candle during it?
  • Make some wonderful tea?
  • Put on some fun music?
  • Get a facemask on before you sit down to read?
  • Go to your most comfortable spot?
  • Have a break to look forward to every 30 minutes?
  • Get friends to join you?
  • Go to a new coffee shop?


  1. Write down a bulleted list of the things you’ve WANTED to try,thinking they will bring you more joy:

Some examples (you’ll want to brainstorm some other things too):

  • Rock climbing
  • A group on campus where you could meet some new people
  • Making a phone date with one of your best friends every week
  • Painting class
  • Go to a craft store and just grab whatever supplies look good to you
  • Cooking a new recipe for friends/family that you’ve always wanted to try
  • Go to a book store (we’ve talked about this), and look around – see what jumps out at you (that doesn’t have to do with health and fitness) – look through it. This could be an indicator of something that could light you up!
  • Redecorate! Switch things around in your room


  1. Circle one you are going to try. Just one. Keep this list somewhere easily accessible. This will totally help your relationship to food too, because you are learning to take care of yourself in OTHER ways instead of just controlling food or beating your body up. 

**Some great books on learning what you love, learning to love yourself, and enjoy life are (I’ve got my favorite books and resources by clicking here):

-The Happiness Project (Gretchen Ruben)

-The Desire Map (Danielle Laporte)

-May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein

Let me know how this is helpful to you in the comments below or by sending me an email! I love to hear from you! 🙂

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