Eating Intuitively in Rome

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Hi there!

Today I want to share a day of eating in Rome. You might know that I got married in June, then went on a 2 1/2 week honeymoon to Italy! It was incredible… seriously – I have no words!

I thought I’d share what I did & ate to feel balanced, healthy, energized, and like I wasn’t depriving myself of anything. 🙂 Hopefully you can use some of these tips in your future adventures!

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We started our morning right outside of Vatican City in Rome at this cute little coffee shop. We each got a caffe latte. We did this every morning when we were in Rome because they were delicious (I think the coffee was my favorite part).

image (12)

Jake and I split this with our coffees. I also had some almonds and a bar with peanut butter at the the hotel because I knew I wouldn’t feel satisfied with just a croissant (yummy but doesn’t give me sustained energy).

*Little things like having half of it.. enjoying it slowly while savoring our coffee REALLY feel intuitive, special, and like I am not deprived of anything. If I had ONLY eaten this croissant and the coffee (while walking around Rome) I probably would’ve wanted more because I wouldn’t have felt satisfied, and wouldn’t have enjoyed the WHOLE experience of it. Does this make sense to you?! Hopefully, haha! 🙂


A few hours later, after walking a ton, Jake and I stopped at this sandwich place and he ordered the picture below. I honestly wasn’t super hungry at this point, so I didn’t order anything. *Here’s another tip to feeling balanced on vacation: Don’t force yourself to eat something JUST because you’re on vacation. Try to stick to simple guidelines (not strict rules) of listening to your body’s hunger cues. You’ll feel MUCH better, and you’ll be less likely to overeat or binge later on.

image (8)This was from the place called “LikEat” in Rome!

As we continued to walk around Rome, I had a few handfuls of almonds I kept in my purse. It was perfect because I was waiting to feel hungry and start craving some Italian food like pizza!


A few hours later, around like 4:30pm, I was starting to get REALLY hungry. Pizza sounded amazing so Jake and I split this. It was incredible… thin and crispy and buttery & perfect! I definitely left feeling a little bit stuffed, but I felt it was worth it because it was so good (and they didn’t have a to-go option)!

image (9)

image (10)^ A picture of where we were eating & Jake! So cute.


We continued walking to see the Trevi Fountain and a couple other super cool spots. At about 8pm we found an organic, juice stand (we weren’t looking for it on purpose)… it was perfect because I was really wanting something light, sweet and refreshing in order to fuel me for the walk back to our shuttle for the hotel! I was so happy we found this place.

image (11)

Once we got back to our hotel around 10, we had a glass of wine in the lobby then watched an episode of Modern Family (we just started this – I’m obsessed)! And had some time to wind down before going to bed. It was the perfect, first, full day in Rome.


Last tip to balance while traveling: I have found that giving myself time to unwind and relax each day (sometimes twice – in the morning and the evening) help me to feel relaxed, calm, and at ease. When I am go-go-go ALL the time I can get stressed and it can be harder to truly listen to my body in that state. So, maybe the next time you’re traveling finding sometime to relax each day could feel really good for you too!


There you have it! Stay tuned for a few more posts on my wedding & honeymoon that INCLUDE tips to eating intuitively, quieting the diet voice, and moving away from food stress. Feel free to share this with anyone who might benefit!


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