Is Fear Holding You Back?

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Hi there!! I appreciate you being here!

I hope this post helps to guide you in figuring out what fear is holding you back when it comes to finding balance with food & how to move past it!

Start by asking yourself this question:

  1. What scares me the most about actively learning to eat intuitively & listen to my body?

The most common answers I hear are:

  • Fear of weight gain
  • Fear of losing control/overeating
  • Fear of not caring about my health

Next, ask:

  1. How is this holding me back?

Most common answers:

  • I can’t move forward
  • I continue to be obsessed with food
  • I keep bingeing due to the stress of the diet

Then, ask:

  1. What would happen if I get rid of this fear?

(answers vary depending on person & fear!)


  1. Is it worth it to me to get over this fear?

Most often the answer is yes!

Lastly, decide:

  1. What steps to I need to take to move past this fear?

Most common answers:

  • Work on allowing myself to eat all foods
  • Start getting guidance from someone who’s been there
  • Stop weighing myself
  • ….and lots more!

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Did you go through these questions? Did they help you? Let me know by sending a quick email to I love to hear from you! 🙂


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