How to Invest in Yourself!

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Hi there! Thanks for being here. This topic may seem strange today, but I am such a huge believer in investing a little to help hold you accountable to making changes in your life.


If you are wanting to get out of the diet, binge, restrict, over-exercise, counting calories, shame, guilt, body bashing cycle then I’ve got a suggestion on how to spend the best $47.00 you’ll ever invest to make HUMONGOUS change in your relationship to food! 🙂


You could/might spend your next $47.00 on a few things:

  • a tank of gas (sorry if your tank is bigger!)
  • a haircut
  • a manicure
  • a new bookfrom Barnes & Nobles
  • or 2
  • a nice dinner out, or a simple dinner for two
  • a new top
  • a few groceries
  • toilet paper & paper towels (ouch!)
  • or even… restocking your (sigh)
  • makeup

What if you could spend your next $47 on making this your best, most freeing/fun summer yet?

What if you could spend your next $47 on getting:

  • a community of like minded women who are committed to relating to & supporting one another, building relationships/friendships, and lifting each other up;
  • three solid months of support from two intuitive eating coaches who have been through it all;
  • weekly challenges & topics to teach you how to enjoy your Summer so fully that you will feel free, joyful, and released from the anxieties around your body and food;
  • freed from comparing your body to the next person;


Why have we made this available for just $47?!

We’ll tell you why! Because we would LOVE nothing more than for you to join us. We don’t want anything to hold you back. We want to offer you THREE FULL MONTHS of support for a small investment so that nothing will stop you.

Then, why isn’t it free?

We don’t want the investment to be so small that you’ll do it “just because it’s free.” We want you to be here because you’re ready and committed to having your best Summer yet! We want you girls to be invested in hearing what we have to teach you & we want you to be invested in supporting & encouraging one another!

We want to help you be FREE from those mornings of worrying what you’ll eat for breakfast just because you’ve got plans to go to the beach that afternoon and are feeling pressured to look a certain way.

We want you to be free from those evenings that you have to cancel going out with your friends because you’re too self conscious about your looks.

We want you to HAVE the fun, summer nights! The beach days, the outings with your people, the dinners your bests! We want you to do this WITH your girlfriends!

Worried that your friends might hold you back from fully embracing your Self-Love Summer? Perhaps your group of girls ALSO obsesses/talk about diets, weight-loss, and negative self talk. That is EXACTLY why we want you to get them to join TOO!

Your entire group of girls SHOULD BE in this Summer Challenge. Imagine the freedom in that? A positive place for your ENTIRE Group to come and be encouraged?! This isn’t something you just pass up.

Get ahold of your girls RIGHT NOW, and join us for an encouraging, uplifting, positive Summer! We’re asking you to join, and we’ll take the responsibility for being the best guides/mentors/leaders that we know how to be.

Join us now because we start June 20th & close our registration tomorrow, June 15!!

All the information can be found here:

Let me know if you have questions in the comments below or by reaching out to me via email (!


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