How to Stop Using Exercise as Punishment

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Hello!! Love that you’re here today. It means a lot to me.
For about 4 years in college I spent either:
A) Going to the gym 2 times a day and working out as hard as I could because of what I ate the day before.
B) Laying in bed for a full day doing nothing but eating.
There was no in between. Working out was a task I had to check off because I hated my body and it needed “to be better.” The thing I needed to realize was that it’s OKAY to want to feel good, work out, and be healthy WITHOUT killing myself over it.
Does this sound familiar? 
If so, watch my short video on How to STOP using fitness as a reason to punish our bodies! We’ve got to shift our mindsets. I hope this helps:

Comment below, is this something you’re needing to work on? I totally get it!

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