How to Have “Just One Bite”

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Hi there!

You may have had this thought in the past, “I’d love to have one of those cookies, but if I have ONE I know I’ll need to eat like 8 more.”

Here’s WHY you might have that thought:

  • You haven’t had positive experiences in the past with that food
  • Your diet is so strict that you feel deprived of those foods or like you “can’t control yourself around those foods”
  • You don’t think you have enough willpower
  • You binge or overeat on foods often
  • You have a list of foods that are “bad” and foods that are “good”
  • You don’t allow yourself to sit down and truly enjoy that food, so instead you’re eating a handful of cookies standing up in a rush

Here are some things you can try in order to CHANGE that thought and the actions that come with it:

  • Create positive experiences with that food. Show yourself that you can enjoy one while sitting without distractions, eating slowly, truly enjoying the flavor.
  • Start to get yourself out of the strict diet mindset. Peal back the layers of your diet rule by rule until you don’t have any rules. Rules give food POWER, and if food has power over you, you feel like you don’t have any control. But, actually, when you let go of the rules you have this newfound freedom. The newfound freedom DECREASES your urgency to eat a bunch of something “just this once” and instead lets you enjoy the foods you love in moderation.
  • It’s not about willpower. Willpower is a myth.
  • Start hearing your labels on food. Food isn’t bad or good. It’s just food. Label your foods based on how they make you FEEL. Navigate food choices based on what makes your body, mind, and soul feel good. When we label foods good or bad, this increases the anticipation to binge on those foods (meaning it becomes way harder to “just have one bite.”). If there aren’t any labels, it’s much easier to enjoy one!

Which way are you going to try?
​When I was overcoming my negative eating habits, I had to really dig deep to get rid of my food rules. Once I was able to do that I realized it became much easier to enjoy one cookie and then move on with my day! 🙂

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