How to Have a Positive Body Image

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Hi there! Hope you’re having a great week.
Let’s chat about body image.

Negative body image can lead to self-hatred, not reaching our full potentials, and an overall pessimistic attitude/outlook on life. Negative body image can lead to destructive habits, chaotic eating habits, overwhelming stress and anxiety.

Positive body image and self-talk can lead to reaching our goals, feeling worthy of an amazing life, enjoying life more and being present with others due to less stress.

NO one can have perfect, positive body image all day everyday. It’s just not a thing… but what we CAN do is work on interrupting that negative voice, and increase our positive self-talk SO that we move towards honoring our bodies most of the time the best we can.


Tips to Improve Body Image:

1. Know what times of the month can cause stress – which can wear on your body image.

Be proactive during these times of the month (could be during your period, or maybe it’s during a crazy-busy time at work). Set up tiny, positive things throughout your days to make sure you’re taking care of yourself.


  • Setting an alarm on your phone that says, “I am beautiful” to go off throughout the day.
  • Put a post-it on your steering wheel reminding you to take deep breaths.
  • Take 3 minutes to say positive affirmations (or multi-task & do this in the shower)!
  • Plan outfits you feel confident in ahead of time.

2. Show yourself some love first thing in the morning!
When you wake up, TRY to say something positive to yourself. We can often wake up and start thinking about the things we need to do… or feel guilty for what we ate or didn’t do the day before. Wake up and remind yourself THIS is a new day and you are DESERVING. You are beautiful and strong. This tiny change can make a huge difference in your body image throughout the day. (When you talk kindly to yourself, you TREAT yourself better. You listen to your body easier, you eat in a way that feels good for you. You’re more productive, etc!

3. Talk to yourself as you would to others.

We deserve the same treatment we give to our loved ones! When you catch yourself bashing your body TRY to interrupt and say, “What would I say to my daughter, mother, or best friend if I heard them saying this?” Then SAY that to yourself. 🙂

4. Take yourself on dates.
Treat yourself like you matter. Like you’re special. Like you are your number 1 priority (which you should be!!). Planning little, simple solo-dates can help you FEEL your best. They can help combat that negative voice that tries to tell you you aren’t good enough (skinny enough, fit enough, etc.). Remember – you ARE enough. Right where you are. Okay?

These things are not always easy to do… but if you truly want to change your outlook (and in turn change your relationship to food) then you’ve GOT to start practicing these. One at a time is best!
Let me know, did you like these tips? Which one are you going to try first? Comment below!
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