How to Have a Balanced Vacation

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Good morning beautiful people! 🙂 As always, thanks for being here!

Today’s post will share tips on how to travel/enjoy a girl’s weekend without stressing about food. I am going to share my strategies THROUGH my own experience a few weekends ago!

So, a little while ago weekend I went to Chicago with one of my best friends to visit one of our other friends. The 3 of us have been friends FOREVER. Since 5th grade… crazy, right?! Anyway, these types of weekends used to cause me major stress and anxiety all because of the FOOD.

No, food should not be the thing that controls us or takes us away from the present moment, BUT I’ve been there – I get it… food CAN do that. (But you can change, I promise!)

Once I got to a place of balance with food I told myself I would forever allow myself to enjoy these weekends free of food guilt. It wasn’t easy to get there, though.

Whenever I realize I am going to travel, have a fun party, or something that is generally out of my routine I do a couple things:
1. Visualize (in a realistic, balanced way) how I want the weekend to look, sound, and feel for me.

2. Write that exact visualization down on paper.

3. Repeat a few times until the event happens.

I have found that this grounds me, this helps me to understand exactly what my true desires are for the weekend, and helps me to stay present when I’m IN that moment. Does that make sense? (Reply back if this makes sense to you!!)

Once I’m IN that event/on that trip I do a couple things:
1. I ask myself “How can I make this amazing?” throughout it. Then make shifts to make that happen.

2. I enjoy the foods that sound reeeally good to me (and I know I would feel deprived if I DON’T let myself have).

 molten chocolate cake and ice cream

Like this amazing, freshly made molten chocolate cake & ice cream I enjoyed Saturday night last weekend. Insanely amazing!!!

3. I make decisions based on how I want to feel.


4. Remind myself that I am NOT perfect, and there are no real rules with eating intuitively.


Like when I tried one of these Beignets that looked amazing (I wasn’t really craving them, and had already eaten most of my cake)…. I let any guilt be gone and enjoyed a few bites knowing there is no “perfect” ~ allowing grace with yourself can REALLY help decrease your urges to binge or overeat!

There you have some of my tips! What helps you have a balanced, amazing, awesome weekend without food stress? Comment below and let me know!

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