How to Enjoy Vacation without Food Stress!

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Hi!! Thanks for being here… we’re going to get right into it.

Vacations, studying abroad, going home for the summer, and moving are all things that can cause stress if you’re struggling with food.

You might want to have fun and enjoy these moments (without overindulging constantly), but worry that your overwhelming food noise might take away from the experience!​

​Let’s say that you’re going on a week long vacation in 2 months. What can you do NOW to make it a smooth transition so that you feel the way you want to feel while on this vacation? ​
1. Make sure you’re putting things in place NOW to work on your relationship to food so that it’s an easy transition​ ​(where you won’t be stressing about weight gain the whole time which could lead to bingeing/overeating).

​Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are you currently doing to work on making changes in the direction you want to go?
  • Reading any books?
  • Journalling?
  • Working with anyone?
  • ​Limiting your time on social media accounts that don’t make you feel good?​
  • ​Baby steps everyday help you make big changes.​

2. Start visualizing & writing down what you want ​this event in your life ​to look, sound, and feel like for you​.​

Do this often​. I recommend every morning. It sends a signal to your brain about what you want, and overtime, your actions will follow.


3. These posts might be helpful for you (they’re all about having balance & being binge free while on vacation):


​4. Look at the WHOLE picture. 

Instead of JUST worrying about food (such as; “I need to diet for 3 weeks before I get to Hawaii.” or “I’m worried when I get there I’ll just overeat on everything.”)​, think about all areas of your life.

What are things you can do now that will help you feel amazing in all areas of life? (So that when the vacation or trip gets here, you’re feeling incredible & food is a non-issue). 

​Emotional well-being, body image, sleep, fitness, friendships/relationships, work-life, fun & adventure, and self-love are all areas to take into consideration​. When you make your whole self a priority, it’s a great remind that life is not only about food.


5. Remember, if you strictly diet leading up to your trip, then you will have extreme behaviors with food while you’re on the trip.

Extreme leads to Extreme.


When I was in college I went to Mexico with a friend during winter break. Weeks leading up to winter break I told myself I could only eat 1500 calories per day and work out twice a day.

When I got to Mexico, I binged on everything. I went crazy with food. I felt like crap, was beating myself up, ashamed of myself, and truly did not enjoy the vacation like I could have. ​

If I had practiced taking care of myself, visualizing how I wanted my trip to go, and working on loving myself in all areas prior to the trip… I would’ve been golden! But instead I beat myself up, deprived myself, and set myself up for failure. ​


There you have it! You will have to let me know what you think about this in the comments below!​ 🙂

Have a great day,

P.S. Looking for some books to read to move you towards peace with food? Head to my resources page to check out the ones that have helped my clients & I for years!

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