Health Coaching Packages

You deserve to live a life that you want… without food getting in the way! Where do you want to be in your relationship with food?

Free of bingeing?
Enjoying life in the present moment?
Free of food noise/rules?
Less obsessed with dieting and losing weight?
Able to listen to your hunger cues and signals?
Able to eat ALL foods you love IN MODERATION while maintaining a healthy weight?

Health coaching can provide any or all of the following depending on YOUR needs:

  • strategies to replace behaviors and habits
  • a nonjudgmental, confidential person to talk with
  • accountability for goal setting
  • help to establish realistic goals and steps to achieve them
  • tips to overcome binge eating
  • tips to quiet food noise, the “all or nothing” voice, food anxieties
  • help discover triggers that lead to unhealthy habits
  • other services that are tailored to your needs at whatever point you are at in your life
  • help deal with emotions and/or triggers in a productive manner
  • ways to implement new health and/or fitness habits that are maintainable
  • a positive, productive, proactive approach to your definition of “best life”
  • support and guidance in a whole-life, well-rounded approach (I am not a DR., therapist, or counselor)
  • fitness and nutrition information, resources, plans
  • simply a nudge in the direction you want to go!
  • Health coaching not for you? Check out the VIRTUAL Finding Balance Program!!

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