Focus on the Positives

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Hi there!
This post is so important to me because it is what helped me make my shift from the negative, chaotic diet mindset to peace and balance with food. Once I started acknowledging any tiny, little baby step I was making towards balance (since I was bingeing once a week and restricting the rest of the week) it changed everything for me.
Here’s how YOU can add the practice of recognizing all the positives into your life:
1. Give yourself credit for being aware that you need a change. Some people think that this is just how life is supposed to be for them. But YOU know that you want to live a life you deserve; that’s fun and full of energy! So give yourself props for that.
2. Write down 2-3 positive moments/steps/experiences each day. They can be big or little. They can be related or food to food or not. The more you write these things down, the more signals are sent to your brain telling you that you WANT to feel this way. You WANT to repeat actions that make you feel amazing.
*We often WANT change, but don’t take action on that change everyday. You won’t change if you’re not doing anything. Know what I mean? (And I don’t mean this in a harsh way at all!)
3. Limit time spent with negative influences or on social media accounts that don’t lift you up. This one seems simple, but is difficult. Take a moment to get an inventory of where you’re at with this in your life. Do your best to slowly decrease exposure (where you can control it)! You will reap the benefits soon.
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