Fear of Weight Gain

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Hi there! One of the biggest battles between balance with food and dieting is the fear of weight gain. This fear has been instilled in society due to diets being associated with the only way to lose weight. And if you aren’t trying to lose weight it can seem “weird.”

Here are some questions/thoughts that can guide you to a place of peace, instead of the constant fear of gaining weight (because guess what, diets aren’t the only way to lose weight & feel your best!):

  1. Does the diet actually work?

Working with a client recently who said out loud she’d gone back on a diet and actually gained weight. The diet industry as a whole wouldn’t be a billion dollar industry if it WORKED. If diets did their job we wouldn’t become screwed up, obsessed, and yo-yoing back and forth after them. Think about that! Crazy, right?!

The reason we keep going back to diets is because of the “quick win” we experience right away on a new plan. It works for a couple weeks or months, but then reality, anxiety and stress around food starts to set in. Then you find yourself bingeing or “cheating” and feeling really guilty about it. That’s when the weight can creep back on.

  1. You think that once you lose the weightthenand only then you’ll be able to work on eating intuitively.

This isn’t true! Continuing on a diet will push you further from understanding and hearing your hunger cues. This will make it even harder to get out of the diet cycle and into a place where you can eat intuitively.

You can lose or maintain a fit body while eating intuitively when you allow yourself to get to a place where you listen to your body, move in a way that feels good, enjoy all kinds of foods (healthy and non-healthy) without labels and stress, and feel present in the moment. Our bodies don’t want to be overweight or uncomfortable – they want to be efficient and full of energy!

  1. Fear of what others think.

What makes this fear heightened?

Focussing on others. Constantly look at magazines, fitness accounts, and what others are doing. You only have one life, one body. You’ve got do to what’s best for YOU and decrease the amount of time you spend worrying about others/looking at other’s lives. That actually increases your chances of turning to food and overeating because you’re saying to yourself, “I’ll never be like that. How can she do that?! Ugh I’m so awful might as well keep eating.”

Another thing that heightens this fear of weight gain is thinking you’re good or bad for how much you weigh. Letting that number bring you down. If you can, get rid of the scale, or significantly decrease the amount of times you weigh yourself. If you don’t weigh yourself – try to limit the amount of time you look at your stomach in the mirror (or however you measure your body). This just causes confusion and unnecessary stress in your mind and heart.

  1. Associating the only way to lose weight with dieting.

We’ve got to shift this thinking to make a disconnect from dieting and weight loss. Weight loss happens when your body needs it and is in tune with it’s true needs and desires. This happens by taking care of yourself.

Proactively work on telling yourself that you don’t need a diet to feel amazing, fit, loved, beautiful, balanced and deserving. If you hear others talking about how much weight they loss on a diet, hear it then let it go. If you are struggling with food, then another diet is not going to solve that problem.

Let me know in the comments below, do you have any of these fears? Are you going to work on them? Reach out to me if you need any extra guidance!


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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and in no way am trying to replace one with my thoughts or suggestions. By reading and considering my advice please know that I only share what I think is best through my past experiences, research, data collection, client experiences, and health coaching certification. At this time, I work with women who want more peace when it comes to food (instead of yo-yo dieting). I do not work with women with eating disorders and recommend seeking a doctor or therapist.

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