What does my work out routine look like?

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Hey all!

When I was stuck in the diet cycle and extreme all or nothing mindset I either worked out like 3 hours per day or did absolutely nothing at all (and ate everything in sight for 3 days straight).

I got majorly FED UP with exercise being a punishment for HOW I ATE, and decided enough was enough. This was years ago when I first started working on my relationship to food, exercise and my body.

Anyway, these days I’m really continuing to work on finding my groove with exercise. I love teaching work out classes and teach a couple each week. These are HIIT classes and a strength class. My good friend and I also try to meet up for a yoga class once a week. Other than that, I sweat once a day (usually with a 30-60 minute walk…though I don’t keep strict time of anything or some squats/biceps/shoulders in my home gym). I sweat once a day because I KNOW that I feel better, I’m more alert, I’m more positive and have more fun in general when I’ve moved my body.

As of a couple weeks ago, I’ve been CRAVING running. I have been wanting to blast music and just go for a quick jog. That hasn’t happened for a LONG TIME, so I’m just going with it. I’ve only run for about 10 minutes each time I’ve gone for a walk outside. I’ve been wearing my favorite shoes; the Mizuno Wave Rider 21 shoe and will continue to wear them as I’ve signed up for a half-marathon with my husband in June ( a WAYS away!) this run (we’re doing Grandma’s in Duluth) is a way for us to bond and have fun. It came up because one of my friends had signed up who couldn’t do it … so I impulsively said yes! My husband is going to do it with me and we’re going to train together which I’m super excited for!!!

Here’s a picture of my fave shoes!

Here are a couple tips that help me move my body in a way that feels great for me and has nothing tied to how I eat:
1. Have a go-to playlist of your current fave songs. Don’t feel like moving? Turn that on.

2. Set a gym date… something you’ll look forward to with other people!

3. Ask your body HOW it wants to move…. listen and think about what feels good.

4. Find the time frame that your body moves the most easily and go with that (obviously if your schedule allows). I find that I get super tired and feel like being lazy from about 5pm on, so I like to move my body first thing in the morning to wake me up.

5. Think about WHY you like to “work out.” Why is it important to you? It has to be DEEPER than how you look physically. If you know WHY you want to move your body, it becomes so much easier to be GENTLE with yourself and create a work out routine that’s right for you.

6. TAKE TIME OFF. Allow yourself time where you don’t move much other than your regular work activities and cleaning the house! Rest is so good and keeps you from feeling deprived and like exercise is tied to your worth!

Into running lately? Check out my fave shoes!  I’ve found that they’re comfy, they’re lightweight and for any kind of runner!

Have a great day!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mizuno. The opinions and text are all mine.

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