Events & Spontaneous Moments are Hard When Dieting

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Hi there! How are you doing today? Thanks for being here.

It is true…. enjoying different parties, social events, random adventures can be very hard while on a strict diet (which is why I know longer diet!! But I won’t scare you away with that task, I’m going to give you a few simple tips to try). I struggled with that for YEARS in college.

This struggle goes a couple different ways:

  1. You pack all your own food, worry about it the whole time while half-listening/engaging in the people around you. Probably wishing you could be “normal” and enjoy the food and moment like “everyone else.”


  1. You go to the other extreme – eating everything insight whether you’re hungry or not only to feel extremely guilty, uncomfortable, and tired hours later.


Which spot are you at right now? For me it was #2. I would go all week following my “plan” and then go all out at the first sign of cookies or pizza come Friday night. It was like I was setting myself up to overeat.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be like that forever. I learned that you CAN enjoy random adventures (more than I thought was possible!!!) and parties without stressing about the food (and instead enjoying it as PART of the event, not ALL of the event).

Here are two of the things that helped me move towards a more balanced approach to out of routine times:

  1. Figuring out which foods I deprived myself from (which in turn lead to bingeing during the weekends). Then, adding those foods into my weekly schedule! This can be scary, but trust me, this is how you practice “moderation.” If you LIMIT yourself from those foods they hold power over you until you break. If you allow those foods they become like any other food – less powerful, less exciting.


For me it was pizza and cookies/brownies. Since I never let myself have them, I would get all frantic and feel so “tempted” around them if they were out at a party. I’d either have NOTHING and end up bingeing on some the next day or would just go “all out” right then and there. This made me think that I couldn’t “control” myself around those foods when that wasn’t the case at all. Once I started allowing myself to have some pizza throughout the week it became “no big deal” for me (no, not right away – this took some work!).

What food can you add into your week?

  1. Using the following phrases / questions in my head:
  • Why am I here?
  • How can I make this amazing?
  • I can eat what I want while honoring my body.

-How can I make this amazing---Why am I

Why am I here?
Reminding myself of WHY I was at a party, someone’s house, an event, class, store, or whatever was EXTREMELY helpful. If I came back to the moment and was able to think, “We’re here celebrating my best friend’s engagement!” it totally brought me back to the reason and made me felt more connected, excited, and in it. Which of course meant I was less likely to turn to food for that feeling.

How can I make this amazing?
I realized that I am responsible for my thoughts/actions most of the time. If I was bored somewhere, found myself looking at my phone instead of engaging, or going BACK to the food table for me I would pause and ask myself; “How can I make this amazing?!” I am the one that’s responsible for being fun and having fun. This brought me back to the moment! Made me feel flirty, light, creative and happy! It gave me energy to talk to people! Which of course meant more excitement and LESS likely to overeat!

I can eat what I want while honoring my body.

This phrase helped me feel calm and collected. It gave me relief from the tension/stress of any diet voice that may have tried to enter my head at the time. It gave me permission to try out some of the foods I love, but also know that I was going to listen to my body by feeling light and comfortable when done eating.

Which phrase can you add into your life?

There you go. . .  I’m hopin those are helpful & can’t wait to hear how these work in your life!


P.S. Do you want more guidance in this area? If it is really a point of frustration for you feel free to join my Balanced Weekend Workshop (click here to register). Details:

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As always, reach out to me with any questions!


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