#017 Release the Need to Lose Weight with Jamie Mendell

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What a GREAT conversation. You guys. This may be one you want to listen to a couple times over. 

Click here to listen (press command when you click to open in a new tab!)!

We go into detail about:

  • Supreme self-care
  • Scheduling pleasure & joy 
  • Getting rid of the need to lose weight
  • Loving who you are right now
  • Journalling – how to start, what to write about
  • How to START finding balance with food
  • Being present, creating days you look forward to

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A little bit more about Jamie:

Jamie is a health & lifestyle coach who guides women through the powerful process of mastering their lives through one core element: taking exceptional care of their whole selves. She believes that through supreme self-care (mental, emotional, physical, and soulful), we’re able to cultivate a life in which we feel resilient, powerful, and deeply joyful. She has helped thousands of other women do the same through her coaching, events and online courses.

Resources discussed:

Find Jamie here:

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