Easy Meal Prep for Eating Intuitively

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Hey there!

I’m here today with an extra post this week. I wanted to share something that I’ve learned on my path to listening to my body, loving it, honoring it… and eating in a way that leaves me feeling good most of the time!

I’ve done a post on making meal prep fun and easy (click here for it), but this tip is about one specific thing that’s made my life easier when it comes to being prepared.

Have you guys tried these LALA Yogurt on the go smoothies? Adding these to my days has it so much nicer. I tend to enjoy mine around the 3:30-4pm slump when I’m starting to feel hungry but not quite ready to make dinner. It’s perfect because it’s real fruit & it’s already done for me. One less thing to get ready, chop, and prep!  My husband loves them too which is great. image-2

So, basically my tip for you this week is to find something you can have just READY. Ready for those times you’re starving, but don’t have time to make anything. A grab & go type of thing! It makes life less stressful, and you’re less likely to binge or overeat.


If you’re interested in these LALA Yogurts, my favorite flavor is the tropical mango & my husband’s is the mixed berry (pictured below).


Bottom line – when we’re prepared with food that TASTES good to us, and makes us feel good then it’s MUCH easier to listen to your body, and continue to eat in a way that feels amazing (instead staying stuck in the vicious yo-yo diet cycle).

There you have it! Let me know if you thought this simple tip was helpful and what YOUR grab & go snack is at home by commenting below! 🙂


Go to LALAFoods.com to find LALA Yogurt Smoothies near you

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of LALA Yogurt Smooothies. The opinions and text are all mine.

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