Do You Feel Like Foods Have Power Over You?

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There has been a common theme recently with the women I work with…. feeling like certain foods have power.
By ‘power’ I simply mean:

  • Bingeing on certain foods
  • Feeling out of control around certain foods
  • Feeling like certain foods “trigger” overeating
  • Calling some foods bad and some foods good
  • Telling yourself you shouldn’t be eating something, but then sneaking off and eating it
  • Feeling guilt during or after eating something
  • Feeling like you’ve got to restrict after eating a certain food

As you’ve heard me say before, you don’t need more willpower or self control.

What you do need is to understand this: The more you deprive yourself from certain foods, the more power they will seem to have over you. 

Deprivation can look like restricting food, thinking you shouldn’t eat something, telling yourself you’re ‘not allowed,’ eating strictly clean, eating a certain amount of food, using exercise to ‘undo’ what you’ve eaten, stressing about your body and how much weight you need to lose, etc.

Here are some simple action steps to shift your diet mindset & relieve yourself of some of the power these foods currently have over you:

1. Understand you are in charge. It is just food. The food does not actually have power over you. It’s years of dieting that have lead you to believe you can’t be “trusted” around food.

2. Write out a list of foods you wish you could eat ‘normally’ and next to it the reason you don’t let yourself.

Example of list:

  • Cookies (I currently don’t have these because they are not clean)
  • Pop-Tarts (I don’t have these because they seem to lead to eating lots of other food)
  • Gummy candy (I don’t eat these because they are a binge food)

3. Pick out one of those foods to MAKE NORMAL. Pick out one of the foods from that list to have available to you in your house for when you’re hungry and craving it. This makes the food seem less exciting because it’s regularly available. (If you love pizza but don’t ever let yourself have it THAT is why you binge on it when you’re out to eat or friends order it.)

4. When you try to eat these foods, the diet voice will try to interrupt and say you shouldn’t be eating it. To get rid of that guilt and that negative voice remind yourself that YOU are wanting balance. Part of finding balance and freedom with food is to start allowing all foods that you are scared of.

5. Eat the food slowly, savor it without distractions if possible. You will find that it’s much more satisfying than you thought it would be (OR you might find that once you eat it slowly without the stress that it doesn’t taste as good as you thought it did)!

6. Doing all of the above starts to give you positive experiences with these foods. This starts to show you that this food doesn’t have power of you. You are the one in control and you can eat foods you love in moderation.

7. RINSE & REPEAT. Continue this process for as long as you need, with as many foods as you need to. Yes, you will feel like you overeat on these foods sometimes. That’s okay. It’s part of the process, allow it to happen!

You’ll have to let me know if those steps above are helpful by commenting below!

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