Dating Myself Helped Me Find Balance with Food

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Hey everyone! I appreciate you being here. If you ever want a specific topic, don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know.

If you know my story (click here to sign up for my free video series training where I also share my story), then you know I spent about a year working on making peace with food. During this time I  learned that it wasn’t a guy or a new outfit or certain weight that was going to make me happy.

I was the only thing that was going to make me happy and fulfilled.

I found that by making myself feel special (which ended up feeling like I was “dating” myself), I was less likely to feel the urge to binge, diet, overeat or use food to cope.

Here’s an example of a typical week before I made peace with food:

Wake up early for an intense work out Monday mornings (if I skipped it, once I finally woke up I’d beat myself up for skipping it).

Then it was off to work/class/library until I would go take a workout class or go for a run in the afternoon. Then it was getting ready for the next day, making dinner, and going to bed (maaaybe after hanging out with my roommates for a little bit).

When the weekends would roll around I’d usually end up bingeing/overeating the whole time because I didn’t think I could have fun without that happening. Come Monday morning I’d feel awful and the cycle would start over.

Example of a typical (most of the time, but not always!!) week once I truly became an intuitive eater:

Sundays are spent relaxing, reading, prepping any food, doing my nails, going for a slow walk, looking at the week/planning it (I add in things that are going to make me feel special – this is where the “dating” part comes in), hanging out with my boyfriend, and generally moving slow. I feel the most rested this way.

The rest of the week is work-intensive with deliberate naps, downtime, relaxing walks scheduled at the end of busy days. This guarantees that I have the time I need to feel rejuvenated, and that I’m less likely to get cranky or reach for extra food.

I purposely plan a date with myself each week that I look forward to. It could be going to Target or the mall and roaming around, getting a pedicure by myself or with a friend, curling up with a good book and a yummy tea, sitting at a coffee shop enjoying a nice, slow dinner alone.


Here’s the bagel pictured from my morning date (with myself, hehe) a week or so ago. I went to Bruegger’s and wrote in my journal, sipped coffee, and then enjoyed this everything bagel with egg, cheese & pepper. Perfection. 🙂 Do you know how I good I felt after? Worth the $10!


Here’s a picture from a lunch date I took myself on a few weeks ago (and no, my dates do not always revolve around food)…. I went to Lake Calhoun close to where I used to live, walked around, and then went to Yum! Bakery for a delicious lunch and enjoyed myself thoroughly! Avocado, swiss, tomatoes, sprouts, cucumber panini with chips!

Am I perfect? Do my weeks always go like this effortlessly? Nope!

But, because I learned a lot about WHO I am when I was recovering from my binge/restrict days, I realized that alone time means everything to me. Downtime, purposeful relaxation, working out, moving slow, pampering myself, being ‘lazy’ without guilt are all things that leave me feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle my to-do list. Of course I love being with friends and family but I just know without a doubt I need “me time.” In college, I’d get “me time” on the weekends by overeating/bingeing to the point of feeling sick so then I had an excuse to lay in bed.

Now, if I am constantly go, go, go I truly get cranky. So I design my week based on that information! 🙂

Does this seem realistic for you to do? Start simple by:

  • Looking at your personality. Do a brain dump on paper. What makes you feel good? What leaves you feeling the most refreshed?
  • Add one of those things into your week, even if it’s only for 5-10 minutes.

Remember – you ARE special, treat yourself like you would someone you just started dating! (When we’re really interested in someone, and have those butterflies in our stomach, and want to make them happy with special treats and gifts. . . that’s what we have to do for ourselves!) See how this starts to indirectly change your interaction with food! You’ll be surprised. 

Have a great day, and have fun with this!

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