Changing Patterns with Food

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Hi there! How are you this morning? Thanks for being here. I wanted to update you and let you know you can expect a new blog post here every Wednesday morning. I want this to be a mid-week burst for you if you’re feeling stuck in your intuitive eating journey. 🙂

Today is all about Patterns with Food. This post is going to be an exercise you can do on your own. It’s one I often do with my very own clients!

Get out a piece of paper and take about 10 minutes to write and plan. This will be helpful because you’ll create clarity on what you’re needing to change and WHY it’s important to you.

Before you can change any behavior or pattern you’ve got to know what yours are.
  • Take some time to reflect on yesterday, and the last week or so.
  • When are you turning to food most often?
  • What habits have you formed with food?
  • Which habits are positive? Which ones are negative?
  • For the negatives –> What habit/pattern would you want instead?
  • How could you start shifting them to the habit that will serve you better?
Commit to working on changing one pattern right now. Starting today. Replace it with a positive one that makes you feel great, but is also realistic and DOABLE. It shouldn’t be hard or impossible.
It should give you the same feeling you WANT when you find yourself overeating. (For example; if you often overeat on food right when you walk in the door, what would you want to happen instead? Are you really looking for some relaxation? Then map out what could give you that sense of relaxation that you’re searching for when you turn to food.)
Let me know by heading to the Free, Private Facebook group — what are you wanting to change?! Are you committed to it?!
Have a great day,
P.S. Reach out to me if you’re feeling stuck & want support! That’s what I’m here for. Email me at!
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