Changing Negative Habits with Food

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Hey there! Thanks for being here.

How’s your week going so far? If you’re part of the 10 day challenge, how’s that workin for ya? I’m having so much fun with everyone!!

In honor of being on the Recovery Warriors podcast (interviewed by the amazing Jessica), and sharing all about how to change habits with food; I thought I’d share one simple way YOU can start changing yours here!

(Oh, and click here for the link to listen to the podcast if you want!!)

​ One revolutionary concept regarding habits that I work with my lovely clients on frequently is about the addition of NEW ones instead of worrying about taking out the negative ones!

Changing habits that we’ve created is much harder than adding in new ones (and when you add in a new one it is like a ripple effect! One new, positive habit can spread out to other areas of your life).

Positive Changes

Here’s my tip:

Focus on adding in positive change instead of taking out the negative.

If we focus on the addition of new habits it is much easier for our brains to handle. Plus,  when we add in tiny changes, our negative habits start to decrease until they disappear completely.  ​I needed to add in some more down time each day, and allow myself to relax (I still work on this)!!​

When we tell ourselves we have to stop a habit, it makes us want to do it more. Worrying about getting rid of a habit actually causes you to think about it more. The more you think about it, the more likely you are to continue with it.

What can positive change can YOU add in your life?! ​Take time to list out all the things you’d like to add into your life, then focus on ONE to start with! 

The lesson from all of the above is THIS: 
When wanting to make a change, we HAVE to make it easy for ourselves. We have to break things down on paper instead of letting it all float up in our minds. Then, focus on adding in small, positive changes instead of getting “rid” of everything at once.

Why? Because that’s how lifelong change (overtime) HAPPENS!

Have an amazing Wednesday!!

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