Best, Balanced Weekend!

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This tip can help you have the BEST weekend you’ve had in a long time.

(I want you to know that I’m not trying to assume that Weekends are ​a struggle for you, I’m truly not… I just hear from quite a few of the women that I work with that this gets really tough. Plus I had a VERY hard time with out of routine/weekends when I was in my diet mindset.)

Go in telling yourself you can listen to your body.

 Balanced Weekend

When you tell yourself that it’ll just be like last weekend, or you “know you’ll end up overeating so might as well give up” it WILL be like last weekend. Instead, right now, start to practice some positive affirmations. Start rewriting your daily thoughts, critiques and mindset! Once your thoughts change, your actions and behaviors start to shift as well.

Here are some examples of things to repeat out loud, with feeling (even if you don’t quite believe it yet):

  • I listen to my body
  • I eat the foods that sound amazing.
  • I pause while eating to take deep breaths.
  • I am free of guilt surrounding food.
  • I feel great when I leave the table knowing I can go back for more if I want/need it.
  • I enjoy the time with loved ones by staying present in the conversation.
  • My body is where it is right now for a reason (and I accept it)!

Practicing these thoughts out loud puts your negative, diet voice on pause. It starts to strengthen your intuitive voice and weakens ​your overwhelming food noise.

​Be consistent, write these affirmations down and practice them often!​

Have a great day,

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