Road Map to Balance with Food Part 1

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Hi there!! Hope you’re doing AWESOME. Today we’re going through what I consider to be some of the things you’ll go through as you work towards balance with food (and moving away from the diet mindset).


Please note that BODY freedom, your natural maintainable healthy & fit weight, come pretty much at the end… I know, I know… that’s the part everybody wants to come first, but please be patient & trust this process because it truly is worth it.

Oh, and by the way, you might not hit all these steps. You might bounce around, go back and forth, or skip things altogether. There’s no right or wrong this is flexible.

Road Map Part 1 – First 5 Steps:

1. Awareness:

Starting to understand your diet mindset and where it came from. Creating awareness around what you actually WANT your relationship to food to look, sound, and feel like in the future. Starting to journal about this.

2. Judgement releases:

As you create awareness, you understand that being critical on yourself isn’t going to move you forward. You start to observe yourself from a more neutral, peaceful perspective… * at this time your relationship with food may not have changed at all, that’s okay, be patient. *

Here you’ll realize WHY you’re making this change. What is important and motivating to you? What will keep you working on this even when it feels impossible?

3. Getting rid of the rules:

This is difficult. You know what your diet rules are, and you are starting to hear them and LET THEM GO. It may not happen all at once.

4. FEAR:

You might think things like:

Will I ever have control around food?

Will I ever feel free?

Am I doing this right?

Am I gaining weight?

5. Starting to have success:

Here you may find yourself starting to listen to your body, or going a day without stressing about food. You’re starting to feel like you’re making progress!


What are you thinkin about all this? Have you experienced any of this? Let me know your thoughts by commenting below. *And before you leave, sign up for my free weekly emails & you’ll receive my 3 Days to Balance Challenge!!!* Plug your email & name in below!



P.S. Stay tuned for next Wednesday’s post — Part 2 of this Road Map! Mark your calendars 😉

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Abby is a certified health coach who knows how difficult it can be to get out of the diet cycle and mindset. On the Eat Work Play Balanced blog you'll find tips, strategies, and info that can help you transform your relationship with food to find balance! *Disclaimer-I am not a doctor, and do not treat or diagnose women with eating disorders.

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