Balance with Food in 2016

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Hi there! Happy 2016! A fresh year, a new perspective. 

I have a couple questions for you this morning; 

  • Are you set up for success in the new year?
  • Are you ready to make changes in your relationship to food?
  • How did last year go for you? 

I challenge you to refresh yourself right now by checking in on the followings things (and completing this short activity):

  1. Decide what you really want for 2016.
  1. Where would you like your relationship to be with food one year from now?
  1. What are all the changes you’re going to work on in order to get there?
  1. Get out your calendar and plug in some benchmark dates to keep you on track (in a non-strict way)! I suggest plugging in a reminder for every 60 days with a note about what you’re working towards.
  1. When the date 60 days from now pops up, check in and see how far you’ve come. What little and big changes have you made? Celebrate. Give yourself some positive praise.

**One key thing to remember is WHY you’re wanting your relationship with food to change. WHAT is so important to you that it will help you through the tough times? Is it for your children? Your health? So you can be a better friend, parent, wife, etc? Your WHY is what powers you through the tough times, the moments where you’ll want to go back on a diet.**

Balance with Food

Answering those questions out on paper can help move you towards peace and set the stage for an amazing year.

Thanks for being here!! I appreciate you.
– Abby

P.S. Wanting more guidance and accountability this year? Check out The Classic & VIP Finding Balance Program … it’s what I wish I had when I was struggling with the binge, diet, guilt cycle. It’s now helped hundreds of women find peace while staying fit. 🙂




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