Are you Anticipating Your Binge?

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Hey everyone!
If it’s getting nice out where you are (like it is for me in Minnesota)… what do you notice yourself craving?
I’m starting to crave smoothies, iced coffee, and wine spritzers! Haha šŸ™‚

Today we’re going to talk about how theĀ anticipationĀ builds and leads to bingeing when we are dieting. Then, how to change your course so you can decrease your chances of bingeing or overeating!
I’m going to share some graphics to help make my point (I am not good with computer graphics so don’t judge me!!).

1. When we first start dieting (or you find yourself “starting fresh” with a new plan) this is what it often looks like:

It’s a straight line at the bottom because the first couple of days are always “easy” to follow new, strict rules because you’ve got some excitement and some momentum.. plus there hasn’t been much “temptation” yet. It’s pretty much smooth sailing.

2. Then, a friend asks you to go out to eat. You eat really “good” at the restaurant, not listening to your cravings and sticking to your diet. That’s when anticipation starts to build, anxiety, tension and maybe some all or nothing thinking. While we’re at this point you might even be thinking in the back of your mind how you can’t wait for your next “cheat” or how you’re going to eat all these treats at a certain point.
unnamed (1)

3. Then, there comes a point where you “give in” or break all your rules, and go straight down while bingeing or overeating. The cycle continues like this:
unnamed (2)


So how do we break this cycle?
This cycle (in my opinion ) is so, so, so, so, SO not healthy. It’s also NOT worth it!!

  • We break this cycle by actively learning and WORKING against that hill of anticipation. We do this by allowing all foods we love, and learning to listen to our bodies.
  • We learn this by understanding what we’re trying to gain when we turn to food. What is it food is giving you that you aren’t getting elsewhere?
  • When I used to binge (usually during the weekends) I found that it was because I wanted an excuse to do nothing. I wanted to be lazy. If I overate – I would feel like crap, so then I had an excuse to be lazy. If I was eating, then I didn’t have to be working on other things (“to-do list” items). Once I was able to figure this out, I could start IMPLEMENTING more RELAXATION time (along with learning about my body, my hunger signals, my cravings and so on) so that my relationship with food started to look like a (mostly) straight, even line.

ACTION STEP:Ā Take some time today or this week to really dig deep.

  • What are you using food for?
  • What do you need?
  • And how can you get what you need without using food?

Let me know in the comments below, was this email helpful?

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Have a great week & I’m always here if you need!!



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