An Amazing Playlist Changes Everything

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Ah! Happy Friday!

I’m obsessed with this playlist and needed to share it with you! Some of you may know that I teach a few work out classes throughout the week at my local Lifetime Fitness (anyone in the Twin Cities area reach out if you ever want to come try out a class)!! One of my favorite parts of teaching is finding fun, new, awesome music to play in class.

I decided that an amazing playlist changes everything! Seriously.

It can change your mood, attitude, thought (maybe it brings back a fun memory), demeanor, stress level, your urges (yup, music can change your direction of thought – so if you felt the urge to overeat or binge on food, playing some of your favorite songs can completely distract you).

You get the point! Here are my current favorite songs that I always come back to categorized for ya! Enjoy!!!

Techno Intense Playlist

Cool Down Playlist

Hip Hop Fun Playlist

Do you like any of these songs? Which one is your favorite?! Spread the love by sharing these playlists with some friends!!

Have a great day!

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