3 Ways to Feel Great While Traveling

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Good morning! Thanks so much for being here.

Today I am sharing 3 ways to feel great, balanced, refreshed, alert & energized while traveling THROUGH my own experience during my 2 week honeymoon in Italy!

There are two reasons I’m sharing this with you all:
1. I used to binge and not move my body during every vacation/trip/travel for about 4 years of my life. I’d get home from wherever it was and just feel guilty, ashamed, gross, and like I needed to “diet back down.” It was a vicious cycle. I want to help anyone else who might struggle with this!

2. I hate the feeling of “needing a vacation from my vacation” and I believe that we can all come back from trips feeling BETTER than when we left. This took practice & work for me, but I really feel like I’ve gotten to a place that I know what works for me to feel great when I get back from traveling!

Alright, let’s get into it.

Tip #1:
One way to feel amazing all throughout your travel/vacation is to keep tiny pieces of your normal routine throughout…. the best you can (no one’s perfect). This can help you feel relaxed, settled, and less chaotic – which means you’re less likely to be chaotic with food.

For me that meant a “normal breakfast” ~ something I would have at home that would keep my stomach settled and my energy high. Pictured below: coffee + fruit & nuts
image (13)

It also meant getting fresh air everyday (which isn’t hard in beautiful Florence!)… when I’m at home I always try to get outside and talk a little walk or sit and read a book. I made sure to do something like that each day and usually first thing in the morning. Pictured below: beautiful Winery in Chianti.
image (15)


Tip #2:
Get solid sleep! With running around all day, checking out sights & go-go-go definitely try to get beauty rest. It’s much easier to make decisions that FEEL great for you throughout the day if you are well-rested. This is also one of those things that can help you feel great when you get back home after traveling (instead of feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus!).


Tip #3: 
Continue to move your body in a refreshing way. What I mean by that is if you are a heavy lifter frequently, or yoga-doer multiple times a week, or run everyday then let this travel time/vacation be a break from the kind of movement you do all the time.

If you run consistently, maybe take this trip as a break from running to walk around, stretch, and do some push ups in your hotel room! If you do yoga 4 times a week, maybe take a scenic hike or go for a light jog around the sights… this can end up helping your body feel SO refreshed. Which again, leaves you feeling more connected to your body so you’re able to eat in a way that HONORS your hunger cues and cravings throughout the trip. You’ll get back home feeling amazing.

For me, while I was in Italy we simply walked. all. day. Everyday! I am someone who teaches a few high intensity classes a week, so it felt so good just to WALK and then I’d end up stretching a bunch in my room as well. I LOVED this. My body felt SO refreshed, alert, alive. When I got back home and taught my first class after being away… I jumped HIGHER, felt STRONGER, and had way more power than I’d had in MONTHS! That break was amazing.
image (17)

On one of our long walks in Florence, we found this amazing restaurant tucked back. How cute is it? I want to live at this restaurant haha. 🙂

While there, I enjoyed this pistachio pesto pasta. It was incredible and I’d love to try and recreate it in the future.

image (16)


I’d love to hear what you thought about these 3 tips! You can always comment below or find me over on IG @eatworkplaybalanced.
Have a GREAT day!


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