3 Tips to Recover from Overeating

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Hey everyone!

When I first started to get out of the diet mindset and to a place of peace with food, I would feel really successful for a few weeks. I would be eating intuitively, listening to my body, and feeling like “YES! I GOT THIS!” …. then all of a sudden BAM. The diet mindset would be back strong and I’d find myself counting calories, then overeating!

It was awful! I thought something was wrong with me. What I realized was that I needed to RECOVER in a really positive, productive way.

In this video, I share 3 tips to recover from an episode of overeating! Please give them a try, they really help! 🙂

What do you think of these tips? Are you going to try them out? Don’t hesitate to SHARE this video if you find it useful!


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Abby is a certified health coach who knows how difficult it can be to get out of the diet cycle and mindset. On the Eat Work Play Balanced blog you'll find tips, strategies, and info that can help you transform your relationship with food to find balance! *Disclaimer-I am not a doctor, and do not treat or diagnose women with eating disorders.

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