​Fear of Judgement When You Stop Dieting

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Hi! Recently, I’ve been hearing a few of the same thoughts from the women I work with. Today I want to share those with you, and some tips to move forward.

1. The fear of judgement if you aren’t on a diet or the “healthy and fit one” anymore.
2. The fear of weight gain when starting or continuing the process of eating intuitively. 

The worries range:

  • What will other people think?
  • You like the feeling of being the thin one in the room, or when people comment on how tiny you are.
  • You think that because you aren’t a diet, you’ll just gain the weight and you’re worried what people will think about that.
  • If you aren’t on a diet, how can you have control around food?
  • You want to effortlessly feel fit, wear clothes that you feel good in, and have energy.
  • You’re used to being on a diet, and people around you are used to seeing you on one. How can you all of a sudden start eating all kinds of food? What will people think?

Do not feel bad about those worries. You are not alone. If dieting is the way you’ve lost weight in the past, then weight loss (in your mind) is related to dieting, and only dieting. 

NOT worrying about what others think of you is hard.

Here are some ways we can handle the fears mentioned above and also realize that they have been created because of past diet rules, and really our society’s diet culture (those fears and worries are valid, but they are not necessarily true).

Try to think about:

​1. How you make people feel

​2. ​How you feel and want to feel when you’re around others

​3. ​How you feel (and your future self ~ how they will feel) when eating will help you make healthy, nutrient dense decisions most of the time

​4. ​Releasing the need to be perfect

​5. ​Refresh how you think of others – are you judging someone who has gained weight?

​6. ​Ask yourself; what makes you important? Special? Worthy of a healthy and balanced life?

​7. ​Remind yourself that you are enough, and if you treat your body that way it will get to the healthy, natural weight it is supposed to be at (it may take time and patience though!)

​8. ​Check in with yourself on the following; Does your family love you no matter what? Do you have people in your life who will make you feel bad if your weight fluctuates? Increase the time spent with people who make you feel good.

Other tips that may help:

1. Have a go-to phrase to let people know that you are now shifting to work on your mindset around food and your body. This helps you to ease your mind from worrying about what others think if you aren’t dieting or the ‘healthy one’ (even though, YES, you can still be healthy and fit while eating intuitively). You may say something along the lines of, “I’m working on making food normal in my life so I’m letting go of previous rules.”

The people who love you and understand you will be so happy to hear that you are working on this. They’ll be proud and supportive.

2. Isn’t the point of life to generally be happy most of the time? how can you be happy when you’re constantly beating up your body and never satisfied? No matter the amount of weight loss on a diet often times women say it’s never enough. If dieting causes you stress and anxiety and obsession over food then that must be worked on first even though the fear of weight gain may seem overwhelming.

If you don’t believe your body is “enough” as it is right now you’ll never have enough space for you to truly show up with others around you. You can practice feeling enough by telling yourself you are, wearing clothes that make you feel good NOW, adding in fresh foods that you love, and moving your body in a way that feels good (instead of punishing it).

3. Keep in mind if you treat your body well, and love it at every stage, and take care of it in a nourishing way (that includes moving your body and nutrient dense foods) you WILL 100% get to a place that feels right for you body.

4. Also keep in mind that in today’s society the comparison and jealousy trap is so easy. There will always be pictures of someone with the “perfect body” or accounts flaunting their abs.
I almost killed myself trying to get six pack abs and even when I got to a really low, scary weight I STILL couldn’t get abs. I realized I couldn’t live my life restricting food for 5 days then all out bingeing. It was not worth it to me ANY longer. I wanted freedom in my mind, space for more important things.

It was scary to think that I could gain weight back when I started to work on listening to my body, yes, but I was so motivated and knew that eventually my body would get to the place it was supposed to be at.

Now, I’m at a place where I’ve maintained a weight (I don’t weigh myself – I just know how my clothes fit) that I feel confident in — I feel fit and healthy and I’m still able to enjoy a glass of wine or a slice of pizza (while also eating foods that make me FEEL good, fuel me, and help me live longer)… It’s the best feeling ever. We all deserve this! And it is possible for you.

**Remember, our bodies do not want to be uncomfortable, overweight, obese, and bogged down by unnecessary stressors. Slowly, by relieving yourself of the diet trap your body WILL get to a place that feels just right for you, you just have to be patient & trust.**

With that, I’d love to hear back from you on your thoughts about all of this! If you’re wanting more right away, plug your email in below to receive 3 day challenge to be binge free!

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